Why Choose KPI?

KPI’s principles have an excellent reputation in analysis, design, and construction for both new and renovation projects. We drive the flow of information, push project schedules, constructively resolve conflicts and keep our customers informed.

Our professional staff keeps abreast of current and upcoming codes/standards as well as local permitting requirements to insure your project goes smoothly. Every project receives a thorough analysis considering first cost, schedule impact, maintenance and energy costs, before the GMP is established.

Our Recommendations

“After using the services of Kenyon & Partners, Inc and successfully relying on their expertise, I am pleased to recommend this company. I have been quite impressed with their performance. They have kept within the designated budget, remained on schedule and provide quick response time to our inquires and/or needs. They have gone above and beyond to meet our expectations and proven themselves as a dependable, reliable company.
Douglas E. Hopkins, Physical Plant Manager, Sacred Heart Health System