KPI Engineering, Inc.

Our Team

KPI’s designs are energy efficient and appropriate for the specific application. Our projects are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Design details are supplemented through our design review process using many years of experience dealing with construction problems. This added level of detail results in competitive bids from contractors due to their complete understanding of the work and their comfort factor that no undefined costs will surface.

Our senior management cares about the success of your project because they are share holders of the company. Partners of the firm include:

  • Dean Kenyon, PE, CMC

    25+ Years Experience-Registered Mechanical Engineer & Certified Mechanical Contractor

  • Ted Hansen, Sr.
    Executive Vice President

    25+ Years Experience in Mechanical Engineering

  • Shawn Jeffrey, LEED AP

    20+ Years Experience in Mechanical Engineering

  • Henry Dilport, CMC

    25+ Years Experience-Certified Mechanical Contractor